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Tax Expertise

As our society becomes increasingly complex, a  lawyer is to advise, support and defend its clients.


Since case processing demands greater attention and availability nowadays, we attach the greatest importance to building privileged relationships with our customers; therefore OPAL is committed into the greatest attention and availability to providing within the shortest delay the taylor-made services our customers are entitled to expect.


A confidential, privileged and direct relationship is essential for the accomplishment of the diligence of the firm.

Corporate Tax

The OPAL firm provides tax and corporate law services to companies and founders, more particularly in the following fields:


- Tax consolidation

- Merger and acquisition tax issues

- Corporate restructuring tax issues

- Seller or purchaser due diligence

- Tax ruling and rescript procedures

- Relationships with the tax administration

- Tax litigation assistance

- Management package

- International tax issues

- Services and advisory regarding incorporation, registration in business starting up (choice of the corporate form, statute of the company)

- Writing of the approval of the annual accounts

Personal Income Tax

The OPAL firm provides to individuals personal income tax services and more particularly :


- Personal income tax

- Solidarity tax on wealth and real estate wealth tax

- Inheritance taxes

- Relationships with the tax administration

- Tax litigation assistance

International Taxes

The OPAL Firm offers tax advice on issues relating to international tax law by providing assistance to taxpayers an more particularly in the following fields :


- Analysis and resolution of cases of double taxation

- Criteria for identifying the tax residence of individuals or companies

- Interpretation of the rules of international conventions against double taxation

- Establishment of Mutual Agreement Procedure



M. Pierre-Aloïs LOMBARD

Tax Expert Lawyer

Pierre-Aloïs LOMBARD, registered and certified by the "Barreau de Paris", practices within OPAL, of which he is the founding partner.

Phone : +33 1 44 90 17 10

E-mail :

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